Soilsymbiotics is a team of agronomists, scientists, consultants, and business people. 

We offer a unique whole-systems approach which serves a broad range of farmers and growers, fostering their development as leaders and innovators. 

Our work translates cutting edge science into an actionable, principle based program that produces higher quality crops, increased yields, and economic vitality all the while regenerating soil. 

Our expertise is rooted in practical, on-ground experience working with growers across the US and Latin America.  We offer our full suite of services in  English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Contact us today to find out more about how we can work together and add lasting value to your farm, organization, or project. 


The uniqueness and strength of our company is fortified by our rich network of partnerships and our intrinsic understanding that within symbiotic relationships we all grow stronger.

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We currently maintain clients in twelve countries across Latin America, the Caribbean as well as many across the US and Canada. The following is a cross-section of some of our notable and longstanding clients.