Bio Stimulants + Inoculants

Our lineup of Biostimulants and microbial inoculants enhances the natural process of soil nutrient cycling and disease suppression, enabling farmers to maximize inputs and improve overall soil health.  

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ProVita is an organically complexed fermentation derivative designed to potentiate mineral nutrients. ProVita functions as a superfood for beneficial soil microorganisms. Fungi and protozoa, generally the most lacking of the beneficial soil microbes, show the greatest response to ProVita. Unavailable soil minerals are made plant available by ProVita and applied nutrients are made more efficient and availability is extended. ProVita contains extracts of humic and fulvic acid as result of a lengthy and complex process. In addition to vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, ProVita is comprised of functional groups of phenols, carboxylates, glycolipids, glycopeptones, and lipopeptones. These biosurfactants are part of a total of 37% organic matter found in ProVita.

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Benefits of ProVita

Compared to a humic acid control, compost treated with ProVita showed a 146% increase in total beneficial fungi and an increase in beneficial nutrient cycling protozoa of 4,800%

ProVita has a unique molecular structure that allows for the stabilization of mineral nutrients (both anions and cations) in a way that makes them available to plants in a size small enough to pass through leaf membranes. This makes for more effective foliar applications, going from an average uptake of 20% - 40% using standard chelators, fulvic or humic acids, to an average uptake of 95% - 98% uptake using ProVita.

ProVita reduces phosphate leaching in low CEC soils by an average of 44%

2 gallons of ProVita with 10 units of phosphate is more effective than 60-100 units of phosphate applied without ProVita.

ProVita is exceptionally proficient in crop residue decomposition. One application in the fall after harvest is enough for complete crop residue decomposition in time for spring planting.

ProVita stops the perpetual mineral nutrient chelation effect caused by glyphosate.


Bio Nutri+ is a biological inoculant comprised of a proprietary blend of 12 highly beneficial, specialized and synergistic microbes that protect crops from pathogens, fix nitrogen and solubilize P, K, Ca, Mg, S and countless other macro and micro nutrients. These microbes provide a broad spectrum of benefits by colonizing the seed at the time of germination and continuing in symbiotic association throughout the life cycle of the plant. In addition, Bio Nutri+ provides 75 minerals, a solubilizing agent, and a super-food source for the beneficial microbes; all in one easy to use product.

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Benefits of BioNutri+

75 minerals provide a source of bioavailable plant nutrition from the very beginning of the plant’s life.

Abundant trace minerals allow the plants to produce plentiful plant secondary metabolites, therefore increasing plants’ functional immunity and allowing plants to develop to their genetic potential.

Synergistic microbes work together to protect the plant from diseases and pathogens.

Microbes cycle nutrients and deliver them to the plant in the appropriate form and at the right time, as needed by the plant.

What do these benefits look like in the field?

Increased germination rates

Accelerated emergence and increased seedling vigor and health.

Improved survivability in adverse conditions - drought, flooding, extreme cold and heat

Improved root development; making for better stand-ability and increased nutrient uptake.

Dramatic decrease in bacterial and fungal pathogens -e.g., damping off, rhizoctonia, fusarium, pythium, phytophthora.

Improved yields

Our trials show that corn seed treated with Bio Nutri+ consistently yields an average of 37 bushels per acre more than untreated seed.

Trials with peas show an average yield increase of 400 lbs per acre.

Zucchini seeds treated with Bio Nutri+ required 32 days from germination to fruit set compared to 48 days required by untreated seeds.


Kelpzyme is a 100% digested sea kelp that provides a broad spectrum of nutrients, amino acids, polysaccharides, naturally occurring plant hormones, vitamins and polyphenols. Our lengthy digestion process releases all plant beneficial constituents into solution, with no exposure to heat or caustic chemical extraction. The growth stage, and the time of year that kelp is harvested has a significant impact on the content of certain plant defense elicitors. We supplement these compounds to ensure a consistent, high quality product year round. Kelpzyme is stabilized with our exclusive ProVita technology to reduce surface tension and optimize bioactivity. Our proprietary complexing and chelating agents are utilized throughout the manufacturing process to enhance the availability of all constituents.

Kelpzyme contains primary, secondary, and micronutrients, along with trace elements that serve to promote soil biology, enhance plant health, and re- mineralize your soil. Increased drought resistance and chlorophyll enhancement are two of Kelpzyme's benefits proven through University research. Kelp that is exposed to heat processing incurs damage to many of its' components, including amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids remain intact and optimized through the Kelpzyme digestion process along with polysaccharides, vitamins, and naturally occurring plant hormones.

Kelpzyme is a rich source of Alginic acid which performs several roles in plant nutrient management, including providing natural exchange sites, binding to water molecules, detoxifying heavy metals, and providing fuel to beneficial soil biology. Polysaccharides enhance immune system response and improve drought tolerance. The vitamins in greatest concentration are known as antioxidants, which help basic plant physiology and improve stress resilience. 


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