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Soil Symbiotics is a unique full service soil microbiology company working at the forefront of soil research to bring forth regenerative solutions. Headed by Sam Knowlton, Certified soil foodweb advisor, Soil Symbiotics brings together a team of soil experts widely recognized as leading authorities in their fields. The solutions we provide have the added value of decades of research and implementation expertise.

advisory board

Dr. Elaine Ingham holds a Phd in microbiology, is the Chief Scientist at The Rodale Institute, and the Founder and President of Soil FoodWeb Inc. www.soilfoodweb.com

Dr. Efren Cazares has a Phd in Botany and Plant Pathology. With over forty scientific papers published, he is a leading expert in the field of soil microbiology and specifically mycorrhizal fungi. www.mycoroots.com


Carol Sanford is the award winning author of the book The Responsible Business. Carol works with companies to build greater individual and organizational consciousness with a focus on creating businesses that are non-displaceable and regenerative.  www.carolsanford.com

Kirk Gadzia holds a Ms in Rangeland Sciences and is a Certified Holistic Management Educator.  He works with a broad range of organizations and individuals to increase on farm/ranch profits, well being, and ecosystem health. Kirk teaches and consults throughout the world.  www.rmsgadzia.com

Mauricio Hoffman is an agronomist and agroforestry specialist who works to return deforested landscapes to productive, successional agroforestry systems.  He teaches and consults with governments, non-profits, universities, as well as farmers.  www.dagrofloresta.com.br

what we do

Soil Symbiotics works with you to evaluate your current system's needs, test your existing soil conditions, and design and implement a soil biology program that will move your growing environment towards maximum health, production, efficiency, and regeneration.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive Soil Testing and Interpretation
  • Whole Systems Analysis & Design
  • Application Services
  • Ongoing Evaluation
  • Training and Knowledge Share

email: info@soilsymbiotics.com

phone: 505 913 7131

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