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the difference

The Soil Symbiotics system works with the understanding that healthy soil is one of our most important resources and is the foundation of healthy ecosystems. The soil's influence on the overall health of ecosystems is largely due to the activity and balance of microbial life within the soil. Our system works to encourage the presence and function of beneficial soil microbiology. When present and functioning, soil microbes provide for all of a plant's needs –from nutrient uptake to disease suppression.

The soil symbiotics system is effective on all scales of growing environment, from small backyard gardens to large farms. Our system results in higher, more nutrient-dense yields as it reduces the need for inputs and eliminates the need for the use of synthetic products. Therefore, profits are increased and the soil condition improves for years to come.

Extensive research and field trials show that the presence of the complete soil food web in your soil provides the following benefits:

  • Solubilizes nutrients into plant available form
  • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to plants
  • Builds and maintains soil structure
  • Protects plants from pests and diseases
  • Builds water-holding capacity in the soil
  • Filters and cleans toxins and impurities
  • Maximizes the C02 sequestration in soil

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